Early Childhood – The ‘Dew Drop Inn’

We are excited to welcome your nursery child (6 weeks -36 months) to church on Sundays.

Nursery kids (6 weeks up to 3 years old) can be signed  in at the Nursery each Sunday.

The ‘Dew Drop Inn’ is located on the East end of the Education Building. It provides a loving, nurturing and safe environment for infants and toddlers. At 10:45 am we welcome infants and toddlers up to age 3.

An interactive lesson is often presented during the  11:00 am service. The lessons aim to help toddlers discover their own uniqueness as individual expressions of God, along with teaching them about God’s world and its interrelatedness.  This is done through songs, activities, prayer, and meditation, followed by a snack.

If you are interested in more information on the nursery, please ask the nursery staff. Nursery tours are also available upon request.


Our exciting curriculum is designed to awaken the innate wisdom and divine qualities within each child in a safe and loving environment.