March Sunday Talk Theme: The Power of Prayer

Prayer has always been central to our Unity teachings and traditions. As a matter of fact, the great contribution of the New Thought Movement to the spiritual traditions of the world is our practice of affirmative prayer. It offers us a way of praying, not to a God somewhere off in heaven, but from the presence of the indwelling Christ.  For this series, Rev. Michael will explore this most powerful prayer, as well as others that move us into greater depth in our spiritual journey and in our conscious connection with God.

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At Unity, everyone is recognized as a true spiritual being, awakening to the truth that sets them free.  We strive to present a positive, practical and progressive approach to Christianity. If you have been searching for a love-focused place of worship that embraces all people and honors all spiritual paths, Unity could be your answer.  Perhaps here you will find what so many others have – the feeling that you’ve come home.

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