Our exciting curriculum is designed to awaken the innate wisdom and divine qualities within each child in a safe and loving environment.

Each program uses Unity-based, age appropriate lessons. Students eagerly involve themselves in discovering Spiritual Principles, Unity teachings, and other key concepts through activities like games, creating, drawing, preparing foods, watching and participating in


December Curriculum:

Nursery and Pre-K 3: “God Made Things to Interrelate With One Another”
Pre-K 4 through Grade 12: 
“The Teachings of Jesus” (age-appropriate lessons)

  • December 30: “God’s Power Hour” (Teens present lesson to younger kids in assembly)

January Curriculum:

Nursery and Pre-K 3: “I Am a Precious and Beloved Child of God”
Pre-K 4 through Grade 12: 
“A Celebration of Our 12 Powers”

  • January 6: White Stone Ceremony – Teens with Minister present to kids
  • January 13: “What is Faith?”
  • January 20: “Where is My Faith Focused and How Does Faith Grow?”
  • January 27: “What is Faith in Action?”

February Curriculum:

Nursery: “The Bible is a Special Book” (Truth for Tots)
PreK 3 & 4: “Prosperity – God Meets All My Needs”
Kindergarten – Y.O.U.:

  • February 3: “What is Love?”
  • February  10: “We Grow as we are willing to try new things.”
  • February 17: “Creating Friendship”
  • February 24: “God is all good and active in everything.”