Our Wednesday Night Meditation Sangha is on Summer Break.
After the Open Table Gathering on May 22, other special Wednesday Night events will be on Summer Break, as well.

Stay tuned for information about the Wednesday Night programming after our summer break.

Sangha: A community of people who meditate together with the purpose of cultivating awareness, understanding, and peace.

Beginners and experienced meditators are invited to sit with us for our Wednesday Evening Meditation Sangha. Even if you are brand new to meditating, you will be guided gently into this beautiful practice.

Each sangha gathering includes a period of meditation, a Dharma talk (Truth teachings), a gong bath offered by Mary Fehr, and group discussion. Join Rev. Jeanmarie Eck, Lead Associate Minister and certified Spiritual Director, for meditation and application of spiritually-based mindfulness teachings that allow us to deepen our practice and find greater peace. Let us connect in consciousness and share this sacred time in meditation together as we grow in our understanding of these transformative teachings.

There is no need to identify as a Buddhist, Christian, Unity, or any other religious label to participate in and enjoy this opportunity. This is for everyone!

Once a month, instead of the meditation sangha, we will have a special service or event Watch this webpage for information about upcoming events!