A Commitment to Creating Change!

Your Generous Gifts Greatly Impact Everyone in the Unity of Houston Community

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This year, we are learning together how we can discover the path to conscious creation.  We encourage those inspired by the mission, vision, and energy of our ministry to make a recurring (automatic or manual) financial pledge of support each month.  These vital pledges enable us to predict reliable income for budgeting, programming, and operational expenses that sustain our community. Your generosity will determine our path toward our shared vision of a vital, vibrant, welcoming, justice-seeking and transformative community.

All gifts, large or small, work together to keep Unity of Houston thriving for years to come and to ensure we continue to be a place for these spiritual teachings.

I live in the Unlimited Flow of Divine Abundance and I Give Joyfully

As I Contemplate my Commitment…

  • This ministry stands for what I believe and it makes sense for me to support it as much as possible and to be a channel for God in Spiritually creating a better world.
  • It just feels right when I commit myself financially to a valuable cause and follow through on it with peace and integrity.
  • My tithes and offerings are transformed into the energy of love, and all who are touched by this love are profoundly changed.