What is Spiritual Direction?

The longing for wisdom is primal and we intuitively sense our need for mentors on the spiritual path. There is a way to find wisdom and share it. The formal name for that process is spiritual direction and those who consciously prepare for the task are called spiritual directors.

Sometimes referred to as “spiritual companions,” spiritual directors are trained to listen, pray, and ask questions in a fashion that encourages directees to discern their own inner guidance and discover how they are being led on their spiritual journey. They ask the kind of questions that nurture the growth of wisdom, using the tools and values that have been sharpened over two millennia of prayerful observation.

Is Spiritual Direction for you?

Would you like personalized support and encouragement on your spiritual journey?

Are you interested in creating a spiritual life and practice that works for you?

Would you like to develop a connection with a mentor who will gently guide you in finding freedom from the patterns that are no longer serving you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then spiritual direction is right for you.

What is involved?

  • Spiritual directors meet with a directee once a month for an hour.
  • Sessions are available in-person, by phone or online.
  • A minimum six-month commitment is expected, as spiritual direction is a process that unfolds over time and as trust develops.
  • A commitment to your spiritual life and growth is required.
  • Spiritual direction is available on a love offering basis.


For more information or to schedule a session, contact Rev. Jeanmarie Eck at jeck@unityhouston.org