The first 2024 SpiritGroup session begins in January. Weekly discussions will be centered around the Sunday Talk Series: The Four Agreements. Get connected to a small group and bond with like-minded friends! 

Later in 2024 we will have groups that meet around similar interests and topics, as well as groups centered around stages of life, including a new group for families with young children and a group en Español! Watch for our next sign-up dates in the summer. In your SpiritGroup you will experience the joy of real connection and you will discover what a beautiful gift YOUR presence is in our community and in the world.

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6 Reasons to Join a SpiritGroup

  • To Create Meaningful Connections and Friendships

SpiritGroups give you an opportunity to connect with people in a deep, meaningful, and fulfilling way. You will develop friendships based on a mutual interest in living a life based on spiritual principles.

  • To Experience Transformation

SpiritGroups provide the perfect environment for personal transformation as participants mutually nurture and empower one another. SpiritGroups lay the groundwork for transforming our communities and ultimately our world.

  • To Have a Safe Space for Being YOU

SpiritGroups give you a place to show up as your beautiful, authentic self. Having a safe space where you are heard, appreciated, and loved for who you are is life affirming and healing.

  • To Integrate Spiritual Principle in Your Everyday Life

Your weekly sessions give you a place to explore and discuss Unity’s inspirational and visionary spiritual ideas and principles. The curriculum offered in the SpiritGroups is designed to assist you in putting those teachings into practical use in your everyday life.

  • To Experience the Gift of Sacred Service

Your SpiritGroup will have an opportunity to choose a service project to carry out during the series. Being of service as a group creates a sacred experience of camaraderie and heartfelt joy. Giving to others is a gift to your soul.

  • To Have a Weekly Connection that Enhances Your Spiritual Growth

When you join a SpiritGroup you know they’ll be there for you on a weekly basis providing spiritual and emotional support for one another. When facing the challenges and opportunities that come with evolving growth, being in a SpiritGroup can provide comfort and empowerment.

  • Because it’s Easy to Find a Group that Works for You.

Our SpiritGroup series consist of a 6-week curriculum along with a social activity and service activity. A new SpiritGroup series is typically launched 4 times a year and you can sign up for one series a year or all four of them! You can choose a group on a weekday afternoon, evening, or weekend.

Upcoming SpiritGroup Events

Great new events are on their way. Keep checking here.