"Anything Goes"

“Anything Goes” – Free 8-week Summer Fun Series (recorded lessons and activities from Unith Worldwide Ministries, South Central Region):

Its easy to engage your kids in this creative spiritual experience! Beginning June 10, a new module will be available each week! All materials can be found online. Use everything provided, or just parts of it! Modules will include a video, handouts and other resources for scavenger hunts, storytelling, visual tours around the world, games, and arts & crafts projects. Interfaith topics include culture, mother earth, diversity and inclusion, meditation and prayer practices, engaging challenges and more. All presented age appropriately for your youngsters!



Parent-led Lessons

Additional Resources

Free stories on Audible.com (for entertainment while kids are out of school)

Unity booklets to use at home with your children & teens – to deepen their faith and further their knowledge of the Christ within. If this is in conjunction with a reward, please talk with Steven Krugler, YFM Director.

God in Me, ages 6 to 11

Light of God, ages 11 to 13  (Older format but still works)

Fillmore Youth Award, ages 14 to 18