Parent-led Lessons

Sunday Lesson Overview for Parents

Keeping the Faith

Managing Fear

Seeing Beyond Appearances

Parables to Ponder for Children by Clare McBride.
These parables are designed to invite children and families to explore life principles together.

Parable Series 1 

Parable Series 2 

Parable Series 3 

Parable Series 4


Additional Resources

Free stories on (for entertainment while kids are out of school)

Unity booklets to use at home with your children & teens – to deepen their faith and further their knowledge of the Christ within. If this is in conjunction with a reward, please talk with Steven Krugler, YFM Director.

God in Me, ages 6 to 11

Light of God, ages 11 to 13  (Older format but still works)

Fillmore Youth Award, ages 14 to 18