GROW Unity is a movement to spread love throughout the greater Houston area and joyfully invite our friends and neighbors to experience the energy and spirit of unity. Together we nurture and empower each other, transforming our lives so that we may serve the world. 

Will You Participate? Thank you! You are an important part of Unity. We are inviting you to nominate leaders and organizations in the Greater Houston area that share our heart of GROW Unity. Loving people. Transforming lives.

Who do you know in the following categories? 

Leaders or organizations that: 
  • Connect to at least 1,000 people 
  • Demonstrate unity, loving people, and transforming lives
And are known in at least one of the following areas: 
  • Special Interest Associations and Chamber
  • Community and Neighborhood Associations 
  • Religious Reporters and Social Media Leaders 
  • Business, Music, Education, Civic, Healthcare, and Foundation Leaders
  • Under30 Leaders 


Will you nominate a leader and/or organization by completing this online form?

You can nominate more than one leader or organization by submitting an additional entry. We are grateful for your leadership. Our ultimate goal is for more people in the Greater Houston area to know that they are part of GROW Unity. Loving People. Transforming Lives.One way we will know this is happening is when we see 2,000+ people at Unity in Sunday Services on or before December 31, 2020

Due date for your nomination is September 1, 2019

The sooner we receive your nomination, the sooner we will include your nomination in GROW Unity. Loving people. Transforming Lives.”