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Unity is comprised of hundreds of Shining Stars that give of their time, energy and talents in various volunteer roles and responsibilities.  It is our volunteers’ dedication to this ministry that makes Unity of Houston shine so bright!

Shining Star, Patti Funk


Patti’s Story (published at her request)

Patti Funk was in counseling for severe anxiety, particularly social anxiety. Her therapist recommended she attend Unity and he’d help her work through her panic attacks while at church. The Unity principles found their way to her heart, and she’s been attending for years now. Her first volunteer involvement was dropping off cornbread for the chili cookoff. She put the cornbread in the kitchen and then immediately returned to her car, trying to work past her anxiety. Through the years, Patti has learned to manage her anxiety and is an amazing volunteer at our ministry.


Here are some of the may ways Patti contributes as a Unity volunteer: 

  • Youth and Family ministry, cooking for events
  • Chili cookoff
  • Trunk or Treat
  • The Carnival
  • Cooking for Teachers gatherings
  • Spirit Group host
  • Zoom moderator
  • Graphics for YFM
  • Ticket sales
  • Choir

Patti is a Godsend and helps in many capacities. Wherever there is a need, she is there.

Our Spotlight shines brightly on Patti Funk!



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