Bringing Our Spiritual Principles to Life

Our annual Touchstone program is an invitation to go deeper in our spiritual journey and to connect to the creativity and genius within. This year our theme is “Prosper, Thrive, and Serve—Bringing Our Spiritual Principles to Life.” How do we do that? How do we embody or manifest or demonstrate Divine Principle in our human lives? There is more than one answer, but for our program this fall, we’ll explore practice!

From the very beginnings of our Unity movement, we have considered ourselves a practical spiritual path. We practice prayer and meditation, affirmation and denial, giving and receiving, sacred service, and many more. The blessing of practice is that it gives us agency and choice. We are not merely cast about by fate, but we can determine the direction of our own lives. And when that direction is towards Truth, our very human lives begin to change in powerful and positive ways.

Join us for this six-week adventure of transformation.

  • Sundays October 2 through November 6
  • You can also join a SpiritGroup to go deeper each week in the study, supported by a group of likeminded souls.

Weekly Affirmations from Rev. Michael Gott

God is Giving. Are You Receiving?
Week 1

I open my heart and mind to the Good of God now. I release every thought that limits the flow of energy and support, and I receive the gifts that Spirit is forever giving, and I am grateful.


Our Beliefs Create Our Experience
Week 2

There is nothing that can block my Good. I release the false beliefs in lack and limitation, and I welcome the flow of blessings into my life now.



We are Meant to Thrive
Week 3

Right here and right now, I embrace the fullness of Life. No longer will I limit my good by my limiting thoughts. I now rise in the truth of freedom and blessing, and I thrive in all that I do.


You Are Bigger Than Your Problems
Week 4

I face every difficulty in my life with a deep faith in the transforming power of Spirit within me. Every problem reveals possibility in my life and I am grateful.


Giving From the Overflow
Week 5

I live in the abundant flow of the life of God. I give and receive with equal freedom and appreciation. I bless my good as it goes out, and as it returns, multiplied and overflowing.



To Serve with Love
Week 6

I live my oneness with God by offering my service to others. I let God’s love flow through me to everyone I meet. My life is made greater and my light shines brighter by giving to my brothers and sisters in Spirit.

Touchstone 2022 has concluded.

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