Join us for some very special events this summer! 

In July, Unity of Houston presents 4 special guest speakers/teachers and 2 special guest musicians in our Summer Spectacular Series. Each of the 4 guest teachers will speak in the 11 am Sunday Service and offer a workshop in the afternoon. 


July 10 | Rev. Karen Russo, MBA | Author: The Money Keys

Sunday Service Talk: “Worthy, Wealthy, Worldly”
Workshop: “The Spiritual Vitality of Money”

It’s time to share, give, and reveal our gifts. The world needs us creative, inspired, and alive. In this interactive workshop Rev. Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys shares spiritual principles and practical tools so you can tune into your current Money Purpose, release any lingering emotional blocks, and activate weekly practices to stay focused and faithful with your money and contribution.

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July 17 | Rev. Petra Weldes | Co-Spiritual Director, CSL, Dallas

Sunday Service Talk: “Sacred Disruption: Reimagine Everything”
Workshop: “Inviting Sacred Disruption while Making Disruption Sacred”

Agony or ecstasy? The intention to make something sacred is a powerful state from which to move through the challenges of disruption. Creating a sacred engagement invites us to move through disruption differently, more confidently while moving more softly in alignment with Light and Love. In this interactive workshop we will explore how to make disruptions sacred while also actively inviting sacred disruptions to take us on unexpectedly powerful healing journeys. The way it’s always been simply isn’t working anymore, so how do we creatively challenge the norms while answering the call of our soul?

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July 24 | Rev. David Alexander | Social Justice and Equality Advocate

Sunday Service Talk: “The Wisdom of Oneness; Understanding Our Value in a Divided World”
Workshop: “New Thought is Evolving; So Should You.”

Explore the fundamentals of personal growth and development and how it connects us to the call for social justice.

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July 31 | Rev. Sheila R. McKeithen, J.D. | Author: Twelve Steps to Your Healing

Sunday Service Talk: “Together – We Wake UP!”
Workshop: “Together – We Heal!”

Our choices often rob us of the healing that is already ours. Once we awaken to our God-given power to choose, we can choose higher and heal in the moment–there need be no delay. Rev. Sheila defied the odds in 1986 when her doctors predicted that she had less than six days to live. In her dynamic workshop, Rev. Sheila shares her personal healing story and how the New Thought healing message is available to us all.

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Aug 7 | Amy Steinberg | New Thought Singer/Songwriter

“Amy Steinberg in Concert”

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Join us for a special afternoon with New Thought musician, Amy Steinberg, in concert in the Unity of Houston Sanctuary. Amy Steinberg is an American minister, singer, songwriter, musician, playwright and actress. Best known for her live performances, she blends together a mixture of music, comedy, and poetry. Learn more about Amy at

August 21 | Eddie Watkins, Jr. | High Consciousness Musician

“I Sing My Prayers” Musical Workshop

Watch a video invitation from Eddie Watkins, Jr.

Join musician Eddie Watkins Jr. for this amazing musical workshop where you will create affirmations in a community setting and turn these affirmations into simple chants. Eddie will teach you to go inside and identify the truth you desire to affirm on a daily basis and have a vehicle (musical melody) to access it instantly.


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