A Direct Transfer of Divine Energies

In January of 2012, Oneness University in India began offering a new program called Oneness Meditation (OM), which is a powerful, direct transfer of Divine energies. This special, sacred blessing stems from ancient times when students studied with masters for years and years in order to receive such a transmission for higher states of awareness, for Awakening. There are over 4000 Oneness Trainers worldwide, and only 51 have been initiated to offer the OM. Rev. Howard Caesar is one of the 51.

There are three very powerful intentions that naturally occur in this Oneness Meditation Transmission:

  • One is it strengthens your bond, your relationship with your Divine, Spirit, God, however you relate to that.
  • Second is that it brings freedom from your chattering mind.
  • And the third one occurs naturally when you strengthen your bond with your Divine and when the mind chatter quiets. The Authentic You begins to shine and YOU become present in the moment and experience the fullness of Life as it truly is.
  • Some people may have a strong experience while some may have a subtle experience; and yet still others may not experience anything at all. However, it is very common for people to experience hours later, or even a day or two later, conditions such as relaxation, stress reduction, peacefulness, harmony, and other positives.

This is a celebration of Divine magnitude!