Oneness Blessing Givers Information

Inner transformation and awakening cannot be achieved through effort alone. Awakening is a process.  The Oneness Blessing accelerates that process for many in a permanent and tangible way. The Oneness Blessings are cumulative – the more you receive, the greater the benefit. Print this flyer to learn more about the Oneness Blessings.

Come and take these precious opportunities to bask in the energy of the Divine Oneness.  Don’t miss our upcoming Oneness Events.  Each of these processes is meant to take you into deeper states of consciousness and connection with the Divine.

 Oneness Volunteer Schedule

The Oneness Ministry is now utilizing an online scheduling system, Sign Up Genius, which allows you to schedule yourself to serve as a Blessing Giver, Greeter and/or Usher!

Click Here for Wednesday Schedule | Click Here for Sunday Schedule

Oneness University Travel Program

Then join the Oneness Travel Program and travel with a group from USA/ Canada. | Click here for information and/or to register.