Awakening to our Oneness

Due to our current campus closure, all Oneness Blessing gatherings have moved to Zoom until further notice. A new zoom code and password will be generated each week. Please email either Robert Reed ( or Tina Hoffman ( the Monday before, or the day of each gathering to receive the access information. **

We will notify you when we are able to resume meetings on campus. Blessings to all.

Oneness is a phenomenon that is here on our planet to help humanity Awaken and flower in consciousness.  Inner transformation and awakening cannot be achieved through effort alone. Awakening is a process.  The Oneness Blessing accelerates that process for many in a permanent and tangible way. The Oneness Blessings are cumulative – the more you receive, the greater the benefit. Print this flyer to learn more about the Oneness Blessings.

What is the Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation?
This special and sacred form of meditation represents a consciousness portal to anchor the universal Presence in you deeper and deeper. The consciousness of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love invites you to deepen your connection of heart and brain. This meditation is a powerful blessing. It’s an awakening to love and wisdom, to your true nature. The special procedure is simple – the receiver just looks into the eyes of the Meditator who has prepared himself to transfer this Divine energy of Supreme Light of Supreme Love. The meditation helps people from all walks of life, all religions, and all spiritual paths to live happy, joyous, and free.

What is the Initiation of Supreme Light of Supreme Love?
This initiation is designed by the spiritual avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan and you can immerse deep inside yourself every time. Therefore, you can participate as often as you like. The initiation serves the fulfillment of wishes and the solution of problems. Everybody is warm-heartedly welcome to receive this special blessing.

Benefits of receiving the Happiness Meditation:
1. Silence
2. Happiness
3. Peace
4. Improved health
5. All auspicious things will happen around those participants including health, wealth, relationships
6. It will affect family and friends

What is the Kundalini Meditation?
Awakening your kundalini and cleansing your chakras leads to states of higher consciousness, well-being and freedom from the tyranny of the monkey mind. This leads to a greater bond with your Higher Sacred Self, the discovery of true happiness, and living in a beautiful state. This meditation is guided and consists of a process called Ananda Mandala, or “bliss circle,” a very powerful, active cleansing meditation to wash out hidden emotions stuck in the body and open one to higher states of consciousness.

What is Prana Deeksha?
Deeksha is a transfer of Divine Energy which brings about a shift in consciousness. Prana (life force) Deeksha is a very powerful form of Deeksha. The Prana Deeksha Giver is only an instrument of the Divine to transfer this energy to others.

Sri Amma Bhagavan personally initiated a group of passionate people around the world to transmit these blessed activities under their guidance.


Child Care is now available for any Oneness Events. The suggested Love Offering is $2 per/hr for each child & $3 per/hr for more than one child per family.  RSVP here

Become a Oneness Blessing Giver or for further information, contact Janis Shanks, or 713-782-4050.

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