Join us on Sunday Mornings!

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 in the Unity of Houston Art Gallery or in Zoom!

Each Sunday morning, we gather in the Art Gallery or Zoom to study metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, to find practical applications for our everyday lives! This class is taught by our Licensed Unity Teachers (LUTs). Join us for connection and learning!

Our Purpose Statement:

The Metaphysical Bible Study class is an inner process of remembering the universal spiritual Truths hidden in our minds and taking the next steps in the evolution of our souls. Through study of metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, we will take a transforming journey of experiencing and expressing the Divine within.

Current Topic/Theme:

Our current study is based on The Gospel of Thomas.
Theis books is available in the Unity Bookstore. You may also order from Amazon.

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Meeting ID: 889 6603 4774

Passcode: 792847