July 25- July 31, 2021 – ONLINE EVENT

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We are so excited to welcome you to S.E.E Week 2021: Summer Session, and we are thrilled to have two amazing guest speakers/ teachers joining us! Rev. Ogun Holder, author, minister and Certified Spiritual Coach; and Rev. Kelly Isola, Unity minister, and Certified Peace Worker. We know you will benefit greatly from their spirit and wisdom. 

Create Abundance with this Special Online Workshop


with Rev Ogun

Saturday, July 31, 2021, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm | $95 / $105 late registration fee

F.A.S.T. ABUNDANCE is a different kind of workshop. It’s not about learning how to manifest your fickle external desires, but rather it’s about learning how to create the inner life you need in order to experience the outer life you want. We live from the inside, out. How we experience life, resistance or flow, struggle or serendipity, is a direct result of how we choose to be in every moment. We don’t manifest the things we think we want, we experience
the consciousness that we are.

In this workshop we will…

  • Explore the 4 States of Being: Forgiveness, Acceptance, Service, Trust
  • Create a holistic understanding of Abundance for mind, body, and spirit
  • Redefine our relationship with fear and anger
  • Learn spiritual tools for untangling resentments
  • Discover how to build resilience through service
  • Uncover our true needs

Watch this video from Rev. Ogun Holder


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About Rev. Ogun Holder

Rev. Ogun Holder is an ordained Unity Minister, a certified Spiritual Coach, and co-founder of project SANCTUS – a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all.

His first full-length book Rants To Revelations: Unabashedly Honest Reflections on Life, Spirituality, and the Meaning of God was published by Unity Books in Fall 2012. He was a featured author of the Classic & Contemporary column for Unity Magazine, a modern take of texts by classic Unity authors, and was profiled in Science of Mind Magazine[Nov  2019]. He has also written for Unity Leaders Magazine, and the Daily Word, an internationally distributed
inspirational magazine.

He is one of the hosts of Pub Theology Live, a weekly podcast on life, culture, faith, meaning, and identity. He is also a co-host of The Evolving Enneagram Interspiritual Podcast which explores how the Enneagram can be applied as a tool for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Originally from Barbados, Ogun moved to the USA in 1994 to pursue a degree in Music Therapy. As a Music Therapist he worked successfully with a variety of populations in schools, hospitals, adult day-care facilities, and his own private practice. He is also an experienced church music director, having served multiple communities.

A humorous and engaging speaker, Ogun has been invited to speak and lead workshops at churches and spiritual centers across the country.

Hear What Others Are Saying…

“I very much enjoyed Ogun’s class F.A.S.T. Abundance. I had been looking for a teaching that went beyond “how to manifest” and this class fit the bill.  Ogun is a very insightful teacher and delivered his coaching compassionately, often with humor.  I found the exercises meaningful and effective in shifting my perspective. I feel my life has been enhanced by taking this class and I would highly recommend it to others who want to live a life of abundance!” – Sue T.

“FAST Abundance is a life changing course that invites us into a space of introspection and encourages us to view ourselves and life experiences through a lens of self compassion. Rev. Ogun redefines the traditional definitions of forgiveness, acceptance, service, trust, and abundance. Through a new understanding of these terms, I fostered a healthier relationship with myself. I learned to befriend my inner critic and unveil the deeper intention of how, why, and when it shows up. My inner narrative is transforming, which allows me to live a more harmonious life” Eva. B

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Thursday), and attendance in all 4 classes is required to receive S.E.E. credit.


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8 Classes are Available. See Descriptions Below

July 26 - July 30 | Monday - Friday | 8:30 am - 10:20 am

HTS 105 – Metaphysics 1 | Rev. Jeanmarie Eck

HTS 105 Metaphysics 1
The first phase for becoming a “metaphysician-practitioner” is learning the fundamental Principles. Assimilating and practicing those Principles helps us awaken awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth. This “first phase” course encourages students to enter into that awakening and understanding so that they can apply the principles in their everyday lives and experience the “first fruits” of spiritual understanding.



HTS 135 – Healing & Wholeness | Rev. Sonja Perez

Unity began with a spiritual healing that was mediated through mind and application of principles. The first healing was followed by others and eventually Silent Unity and Unity Centers emerged. The healing practices and principles developed and applied by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore are the basis of this course. Students will be working with the Fillmore’s teachings on healing and wholeness, as well as with historical and contemporary master teachers. The principles will be presented to support students in developing a practical understanding of Unity theology as “heart-centered meta-physics.”



July 26 – July 30 | Monday - Friday | 10:40 am – 12:30 pm

SPD 110 Self-Awareness | Rev. Ogun Holder

Self-awareness is necessary for optimal balance and functioning in life. To be self-aware is to realize the dimensions of self and the states of those dimensions. Human beings are more than physical body; they also have spiritual and soul (psyche) dimensions which are equally if not more important than the body. Students will explore the dimensions of self by studying various systems and techniques for self-awareness. They will become more conscious of: their attitudes, beliefs and ways of being; symptoms of stress and imbalance; healthy responses to stress and imbalance; and how to integrate spiritual principles to maintain balance and honor all facets of their being.

Watch this video from Rev. Ogun Holder



SCS 125 The Christ | Rev. Karen Tudor

Students will experientially engage their own beliefs about “Jesus Christ” and the Christ idea using the Bible as the primary text.  This class will include bible interpretation skills as well as meditative practice using Nature as a metaphor for the embodiment and expression of the Christ through humanity. Each student will explain their own experience of the Christ within themselves and others.



July 26 – July 30 | Monday - Friday | 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm

HTS 100 – Foundations of Unity | Rev. Kelly Isola

Building consciousness, knowledge and skills in any endeavor begins with learning the foundational teachings of Unity. Students will explore foundational teachings from Lessons in TruthDiscover the Power and other historical texts. They will also learn how to integrate the foundational teachings into daily life. Topics touched on include: what is God?, who and what we are, what is consciousness, the importance of our thoughts and feelings, our awareness and ability to take intentional action, and elements of meditation and prayer.



HTS 120 – Metaphysics 4 | Rev. Ogun Holder

The fourth phase in metaphysical study is continuing investigation and application of the Truth students have learned in the previous metaphysical courses. This course summarizes and organizes metaphysical teachings to facilitate ever increasing demonstration of Truth. Through the consistent application of practical Truth principles, students will consciously transform their lives and realize more of their spiritual nature and potential. Required Prerequisite: HTS 105 Metaphysics 1

Watch this video from Rev. Ogun Holder



July 25 – July 29 | Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Thursday | 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

HTS 140 History of New Thought and Unity | Rev. Shirley Knight

Just as one’s previous life experiences underlie one’s current expression, so the history of a tradition underlies that tradition’s current expression. The foundations of Unity as a contemporary movement are explored in its roots in Transcendentalism, Christian Science and New Thought. Students explore Unity’s history and original cultural milieu. They have the opportunity to consider the possibilities of Unity as an evolving cultural phenomenon. This historical exploration includes exposure to ideas, beliefs and philosophies of the main “architects” of this stream of spiritual thought that in some ways has connections back to antiquity. (Combines three former classes: History of New Thought, Background of New Thought and Development of the Unity Movement)



SCS 100 Overview: Hebrew Scriptures | Cris Perez, LUT

The Hebrew Scriptures (known as the “Old Testament” in the Christian world) are at the root of three major world religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Hebrew Scriptures are a collection of fascinating and sometimes confusing stories, poetry, wisdom sayings and inspired visions. While some stories in Hebrew Scriptures are little known outside scholarly circles, others have become commonplace in conversation, e.g. “David vs. Goliath.” Students will explore the history and development of Hebrew Scriptures, thereby acquiring a solid foundation for continuing study and exploration.



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