S.E.E. in the Field – Winter Session
January 24 – January 29, 2021 – ONLINE EVENT

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The Spiritual Solution to Every Single Problem

(Yeah, Even That One)

Speaker: Rev. Paul Tenaglia

Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 7:00 pm

Paul Tenaglia, Unity minister (Unity of New York founder), will be our speaker on Wednesday evening. He will share a message with us he has been working with through the 35+ years that he has been a Unity student, practitioner, Silent Unity prayer associate, and church leader: No matter what you’re going through in your life, there’s a solution. Health issues, financial problems, relationship issues, emotional challenges aren’t stronger than you. Join us as we examine the powerful tools of life transformation we all have right now.



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January 25- January 29

Monday – Friday | 8:30 am – 10:20 am

SCS 120 Jesus’ Teachings | Rev. Karen Tudor

Teachings about the Gospels have usually portrayed Jesus Christ as the “Great Exception” to being human. However, by focusing upon his sayings, we can see Jesus as the “Great Example” for Spiritual Awakening, Empowerment, and Transformation. By exploring the teachings of Jesus, rather than the teachings about Jesus, we can follow that example. Students will develop a deeper and more practical understanding of Jesus as Master Teacher and Wayshower through reflection upon his sayings and methods. In this way, they will learn to build a strong spiritual foundation for “Christ Consciousness.”


SPD 115 Self-Care | Rev. Mindy Lawrence Curtiss

Self-care involves making choices that reflect a consciousness of well-being. As we become aware of the care of our mind, body and spirit, we discover that when we are our best self, we make contributions to our family, our communities and our world consciously.


January 25- January 29

Monday – Friday | 10:40 am – 12:30 am

SCS 115 Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation | Rev. Jill Andrews

Unity’s “maieutic” and metaphysical approach to interpreting scriptures aims to help the interpreter cultivate self-knowledge and make contact with the Higher Spiritual Self commonly called “Christ within” and “Christ consciousness.” Students discover inner spiritual meanings of Christian Scriptures (Acts through Revelation) as they continue to apply the Unity method of interpretation to “the New Testament.” Recommended Prerequisites: SCS 105 – Overview: Christian Scriptures and SCS 110 Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures.


HTS 110 Metaphysics 2 | Rev. Jeanmarie Eck

The second phase in metaphysical study and practice is exploration and complex concepts such as “oneness” and creation. In addition, Unity metaphysics entails new interpretations of the common terminology of traditional Christianity. In the process of exploring complex concepts and theological terminology, students uncover their “embedded theology” and gain clarity on Unity teachings. Practical is emphasized as a primary goal.


January 25 – January 29

Monday – Friday | 2:00 pm – 3:50 pm

There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem | Rev Paul Tenaglia

Join us for this life-changing class based on the brilliant book of the same name by Dr. Wayne Dyer. We will re-discover the wise and helpful teachings of many of the greatest spiritual teachers the planet has known, and their advice on how to implement them for our daily use. No matter what problem or challenge you are facing today, there is a solution, and it’s all within you now.

HTS 130 Prosperity | Rev. Michael Gott

This advanced course examines the prosperity teachings of Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth, as well as contemporary teachings. Students explore the broader meaning of prosperity beyond “material things” to discover their own beliefs about money, abundance and lack. Students create practices for healing limitations they hold about prosperity, and discover ways to address their own unexamined, unconscious assumptions about abundance, giving and generosity.


January 24 – January 28

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Thursday | 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

SPD 105 Meditation Practices | Rev. Sheila Gautreaux

Extensive research on meditation practices has revealed that regular meditation has many mental and physical benefits and that there are many effective ways to meditate. This course explores the practice and the experience of various forms of meditation. Benefits of the various forms of meditation will be explored as well as methods to deal with resistance to it. There will also be helpful tips for developing a regular meditation practice. Practicing the Silence, Unity’s meditation practice, is fundamental and foundational to Unity teachings. Therefore, it will be the primary meditation practice for the duration of the course.

SPD 111 The “I” of the Storm | Rev. Shirley Knight

This course is based on the books, “The I of the Storm” by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons and “I of the Storm for Teens” by Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons. In this course, students will explore the principles of embracing conflict and creating peace in everyday life. This course is designed to help students function from their heart center, demonstrate Unity principles in times of conflict, and complete a 21-day reconciliation process.



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