Staff Minister

Rev. Marla Riegel’s passion is to bring joy, health, meaning and purpose to our work and our volunteering. She’ll be doing this by inspiring leaders in our Unity of Houston community to realize their divine nature, limitless potential, and unique calling.

Rev. Marla was ordained CSL Minister and Corporate Chaplain in 2003 and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Holmes Institute. Prior to joining the Unity Houston team, Rev. Marla spent 20 years in a special focus ministry as Founder of the Inspired Business Center. She worked with organizational leaders as a spiritually centered HR, leadership, and organizational development consultant and powerful “in-the-moment” facilitator.

She’s honored to have coached and developed entrepreneurs of diverse professions and cultures. Her client list ranged from forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies to courageous entrepreneurs with big dreams.  She says, “it’s all about the power of our intentions.”