Loving Our Sacred Space

This land has been Unity of Houston’s home since 1960. Over the decades, many people have enjoyed services, classes, events and gatherings on these grounds. To continue to be a welcoming presence, we are updating and refreshing our buildings and gardens.

As we honor our founders and care for the space they created, we look to meet current needs and prepare for the future. We see Unity of Houston as a beacon, an oasis and a sacred space where beauty and functionality serve our community and our world.

All donations to this campus renewal initiative will go fully and directly towards the projects listed here. If you would like to volunteer for our campus repair team, please Contact Cindy Cline at cindy@unityhouston.org. Tasks include painting, removing old items and replacing fixtures.

Thank you for caring for our space.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to refresh and renew our campus, focusing primarily on interior updates and landscaping. Our intention is for you, and all who come here, to have a heightened experience of our sacred space.

Projects In-Progress or Completed

Welcome Center Restroom Renovations – Completed! 

Ladies’ Room Before                                     Ladies’ Room After


Men’s Room Before                                  Men’s Room After


Land Clearing for Our Additional Sacred Space (east of Sanctuary parking lot)

Before                                                                 After


Stay tuned for updates on how this sacred space will be used!

Chapel Exterior

Before                                                            After


Uniteen Room Updates

Before                                                          After


Bookstore Updates

Before                                                            After