Unity Millennials+ is a diverse community of late 20s-mid 40s peers who are invested in spiritual growth and community service. We are committed to open-mindedness, non-judgment, and connection. We meet regularly for scheduled events, volunteer opportunities, and discussion groups.

Nikki Carter

I’m newly married, a stepmom to a second-grader, a self-employed writer/journalist, and an avid reader. I’m an Army brat who grew up moving around all of the time. I’ve lived in both Germany and the US and traveled a lot. My driving values are freedom and connection, and I’m constantly trying to find ways those two things intersect.

Elaine Proulx

Hello, I’m Elaine! I grew up in Unity, attending Unity of Boulder until I moved to Houston in 2017, and I’ve been here ever since. I am very involved at the church and love being a resource for new members and those seeking more connection and community! I also enjoy walking through different parks and neighborhoods around the city with friends, playing board games, and Latin dancing.

Olivia Young

Hi! I’m Olivia Young – Software Engineer by day and Author and Motivational Speaker by night. I am a proud wife and mother to two bundles of joy, and have been a member at Unity of Houston since 2018. My hobbies include watching documentaries, hosting dinner parties, and exploring Houston’s robust restaurant scene.

Upcoming Events

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