Champions in Life: Ready, Set Go with God

On February 7, we will begin a new curriculum for grades PreK-8.

Join us as we celebrate African American athletes who used spiritual principles to use their achievements to pave new paths for future generations. Participant will find joy in knowing that Christ within makes each one a winner and that we are competing in life in order to reach the goal of our higher calling.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary. (Isaiah 40:31 )

Please check back as we add the actual lesson materials.


Lesson 1: Get in the race! (for February 7)

Activity Sheet

  • Scripture: So run to win (1 Corinthians 9:24b)
  • Bible Lesson: Zadock’s son chooses to get in the race. (2 Samuel 18:19-32)
  • Goal: Bring good news!
  • Sports Spotlight: Jesse Owens – Olympic track stars
  • Winning Word: Honor
  • Craft: Get in the race shoe card


Lesson 2: Be skillful, be caring!

  • Scripture: Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others. (Philippians 2:4)
  • Bible Lesson: Johnathan protects his friend, David. (1 Samuel 20:18-23, 35-41)
  • Goal: Look out for others!
  • Sports Spotlight: Serena Williams – Tennis champion
  • Winning Word: Friendship
  • Craft: Look out for other’s tennis racket


Lesson 3: Keep your eyes on Jesus!

  • Scripture: And Jesus said, “come.” – Matthew 14:29
  • Bible Lesson: Peter tries to meet Jesus as he walks on water – Matthew 14-23-33
  • Goal: Come to Jesus!
  • Sports Spotlight: Mabel Fairbanks – Figure skating hall of fame, 1977
  • Winning Word: Rescue
  • Craft: Boat


Lesson 4: A long Wait

  • Scripture: “My faith is still working and I am working too!” – John 5:17
  • Bible Lesson: Jesus commands a man who sat by a pool for 38 years to get up and walk. – John 5:2-17
  • Goal: DYB! Do your best in everything!
  • Sports Spotlight: Simone Manuel and Lia Neal – 2016 Olympic gold and silver swimmers
  • Winning Word: Effort
  • Craft: Gold medals


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