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“What Are You Waiting For?”

May 26 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm CDT


Unity of Houston Chapel

A Sunday Workshop with Maggie Cole

Do you notice yourself waiting for something or someone? Perhaps you’re waiting for a situation to be different; something or someone to change; a shift in yourself. It could be a longing for your consciousness and awareness to evolve in order to be at peace, make a decision, feel free in your life; develop your faith in what God has in mind for you.

I invite you to make yourself available to all that God is offering NOW, in this very moment, without hesitation. This workshop is an exploration of your intuitive nature, the power of your faith and belief system. Through various exercises, sharing, inquiry, and the willingness to open to what God is freely offering, the question is, “ARE YOU WILLING TO RECEIVE IT?”

Possible takeaways

  • Identify thoughts, beliefs and habits that appear to have held you back;
  • Learn spiritual practices that assist you to be in the present, NOW moment;
  • Give yourself permission to say yes to your hearts desires;
  • Deepen the relationship with your intuition, a constant companion;
  • Develop a deeper willingness and practice to receive;
  • Stop waiting for what is already here.

Love Offering

No registration is necessary.


Rev. Stacy Collins