Prayer and Spiritual Support at Unity of Houston

If you or someone you know from our ministry is going through a healing challenge, whether a family member or friend, please contact Micah LaGrave, our Pastoral Care Coordinator.  Your request will be relayed so a Pastoral Care Ministry Team member may contact them.  These services offer many different ways to support our community. Such as:

•    Prayer
•    Hospital visits
•    Home visits
•    Nursing home visits
•    Hospice visits
•    Grief and loss workshops
•    Grief and loss counseling

Through our Pastoral Care Team we offer compassionate emotional and spiritual support to members, congregants and friends who are—or have a loved one who is—experiencing illness, moving through the conscious living/conscious dying process, bereaved or experiencing a life crisis.  The bedrock of support offered by our Pastoral Care Team is a prayerful awareness of absolute wholeness and we see peace when a major life change makes life seem out of control.

In difficult and demanding times such as a critical illness or other traumas in life, people may experience high stress, reducing their ability to cope. At these times the help of others may be very valuable. Family members and friends are often a very important support, and sometimes the presence of a person who is more emotionally detached from the situation can be very helpful.  This is a role of the Pastoral Care Team.

The Pastoral Care Team recognizes that each person is on their own unique spiritual journey. We honor that journey and the team offers support to others in knowing and expressing their Christ Nature. The focus is on emotional support and spiritual care.

To seek assistance for yourself or for another contact Micah LaGrave at You may also call the church office at 713-782-4050 and leave a message for Micah.