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What is a SpiritGroup?
  • Groups gather in love and support continuing an ancient spiritual tradition modeled by Jesus, Unity founders and others.
  • Groups average about 8 people each. Most groups meet in the host’s home.
  • Group members are asked to commit to the group for a season.
  • In addition to meeting six times, Spirit Groups are encouraged to have a social event and do a service project together each season.
  • Unity Houston is planning to launch Spirit Groups four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Groups may stay together or evolve into other groups.
What happens at a SpiritGroup meeting?
  • Meetings consist of prayer, sharing and discussing the program for the week.
  • Meetings are generally 1 ½ hours per week for six weeks.
  • Groups are facilitated by a host, and everyone is invited to contribute.
Frequently Asked Questions

“It’s magical the connections people have formed…It’s a growing, positive, deepening experience.”

“The most important thing we experienced was a sense of community.”

“A safe environment to discuss and question meaningful spiritual principles.”

“Filled me with hope knowing the light is in us all.”

“Connections, insights, breakthroughs.”

“Open, thoughtful conversations in a comfortable, welcoming space.”