Discover the Power Within You

Seven Weeks That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Infinite power resides within us all. The power to heal our bodies, our relationships and our finances. The power to accomplish great things and realize our dreams. The power to transform our very experience of living from struggle and suffering to freedom and joy.

Jesus demonstrated this power. He also told us that “greater works than these” would be accomplished by those who followed his teachings. We will use Eric Butterworth’s classic book, Discover the Power Within You (available at the Unity of Houston Bookstore) as our guide on this quest.

There is a theme for each week. This theme will be presented in the Sunday and Wednesday night services. It will also be the topic of discussion in the Small Group meetings each week. It is even the curriculum topic for Youth and Family Ministry lessons on Sundays. We are all on this adventure together!


Week 1: The Great Discovery

Within each of us lies the power to transform our lives from lack to abundance, from sickness to health, from hopelessness to joy. This is THE fundamental teaching of Unity. Let’s begin.

Week 1 Question: Where do I need to discover God’s power in my life?


Week 2: The Great Decision

We get to choose whether we access and use our spiritual potential…or not! If we make the decision for our greatness, we are lifted, guided and supported in the next steps of the journey.

Week 2 Affirmation: I decide to see the Good.


Week 3: Your Thought is Your Choice

Let’s explore the spiritual freedoms and human frustrations we encounter when we discover just how powerful we truly are.

Week 3 Affirmation: Blessed Be, Blessed Me, Blessed All.


Week 4: The Forgotten Art of Prayer

Prayer is the practice of moving our consciousness back to the state of Oneness with God. We pray from the power of the Divine within us, and see our prayers being answered as our very lives. It doesn’t happen to us. It happens through us.

Week 4 Affirmation: My prayer is to see God here.


Week 5: The Laws of Living and Being

We live in a lawful universe—not only the laws of physics, but spiritual ones as well. To work with the energies and flow of life, we must get back into the awareness of God, Good, Everywhere.

Week 5 Question: What is asking for my attention?


Week 6: Forgiveness and Healing

Healing occurs when we remember our wholeness. Forgiveness occurs when we release ourselves and others from the pain of our forgetting. We live at the intersection of the human and the Divine. When we recognize God in our humanity, we are transformed. Life works. We are healed.

Week 6 Affirmation: I ask forgiveness to set us both free.


Week 7: The Great Demonstration

All truth that is known in the mind of God will be demonstrated. When we do our spiritual work of healing and revealing, our lives must transform to the new reality of our new knowing.

Week 7 Affirmation: I open to my greater yet-to-be.